Modernize And  Maximize
Your Business Website


Successful Online Marketing For More Leads Begins With A Well Designed Business Website.

Before you begin looking for an online marketing consultant to help you generate leads for your business, inspire confidence in your customers and increase your revenue with a beautifully crafted responsive website, purpose-built for generating visitor engagement and customer conversion.

Business Website Should Create A 1-to-1 Customer Converting Experience

Everybody loves a personalized shopping experience. It’s what has made Amazon and EBay so successful! So to help skyrocket your revenue, we employ website personalizing technology that delivers individualized user experiences based on date, time of day, number of previous visits, visitor geo-location and more.

A Million-Dollar Design. Above all else, your website will be designed to convert more customers. From custom CTA buttons to an easy-to-understand navigations, your site visitors will be guided towards any action you want them to take.

Responsive Web Design. Every site we build is guaranteed to display perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile, and comes fully loaded with features that leverage the different capabilities for each device. For example, click-to-call buttons for smartphones and video backgrounds for desktop

Encrypted for Security. The information shared between you and your customers via your website is yours, and we want to help keep it that way. Every site we create comes with an SSL certificate to ensure there is no unauthorized third-party collecting your data or messing with your website.

Reliable Hosting. Every site we build is hosted on Amazon’s worldwide CDN and averages a 99.9% uptime. So you will always know your site will load quickly, and you’ll never have to worry about your it going down

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Equipped with a sitemap, robots.txt, Vary: User-Agent, optimized image delivery and a variety of other SEO strategies, your site will be sure to rank well in Google search results.


Real-World Examples of Website Personalization

Visit Us

Trigger:  Visitor arrives from a specific geolocation

Action:  Show a map to your closest branch

Value:  Guide visitors directly to your shop

Special Promotion

Trigger:  Visitor clicks on a unique link from a campaign URL

Action:  Display a sale popup that directly relates to the campaign

Value:  Improve your campaign with a customized message

Valentine’s Day Reservation

Trigger:  Visitor arrives on Valentine’s Day

Action:  Show notification bar enabling reservations

Value:  Boost sales with easy online reservations


Turn Visitors Into Customers

     Businesses that leverage personalized content on their website average a 19% increase in sales

     Personalized CTAs result in a 42% higher conversion rate than generic CTAs


Better Overall Visitor Experience

     Website personalization creates higher engagement by showing your customers what they’re most likely looking for, right away

     Customized content increases trust and loyalty of your brand,
and makes your visitors feel more welcome on your website


“Working with TOMA INC was a pleasure. Our PR team helped us stretch our thinking and found us new opportunities for growth. It was an amazing experience.”
Jeremy Winston / Think Again
“I love TOMA INC’s approach to problem-solving. Creative, fun, interesting, totally out of the box. Not only did we work together to find new new solutions, but the implementation was balanced, cooperative, and totally successful. Thanks AA!”
Maryanne Quincy / Spendswift
“Best marketing firm I have ever worked with. Can’t wait for the next project.” 
Renata Bergsman / Hats On


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